Samsung Galaxys banned from sale in Europe

Samsung Galaxys banned from sale in Europe

The patent battle between Apple and Samsung has got ugly again, with Apple today winning a Europe wide ban on the sale of Samsung’s extremely popular SII, S and Ace handsets.

This ban isn’t immediate, giving Samsung 7 weeks to get a defence together and counter, but its not good news for them.

Clearly the courtroom battles aren’t going away quietly, and sadly for Samsung its too early for Google to get involved with Motorola’s patents, as they don’t officially own them yet.


So who knows where this will go from here, but it could get even uglier.



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  • Joleen
  • ItemSize

    Already changed before this was reported.  It’s just the gallery app and Samsung are gonna change it.

  • Brodypb

    ‘These three phones are banned from europe’,exactly this decision is valid for countries vith patent no. EP 2059868.This patent has expired in may for Czech Republic guys :) So if You want buy one of them, You have to buy it in Czech Republic :)))))))))

  • Anon

    next thing Jobs will be trying to get a patent on pancraeatic cancer!!!