Bargain frenzy – The HP TouchPad at

Bargain frenzy   The HP TouchPad at
If you’re still looking for a HP TouchPad then quickly check out They’ve just dropped prices down to £105.. although their site appears to have buckled under the load.. and, when it does load, shows a higher price. (Update – It’s now showing the new lower price)

We’re now hearing that developers are jumping all over this device, trying to get Android running on it.

Link –

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  • Neil Deadman

    Not sure why its overloaded as site still showing it at £348.49 … at least for me :(

  • Tightscot

    now sold out

  • Rupert Hollom

    Got a couple in my basket, but don’t think that has reserved them :-(

  • Matt

    Had one in my basket and I was checking out (passed the delivery options and had just put my credit card details in), but the secure server crashed under the strain.
    Tried many F5’s but no joy…..out of stock now…..

    • Anonymous

      Same here.  Had one in my basket for 40 mins trying to get through the bloody checkout.  It kept ballsing up then taking ages to reload so I could try again.  BAH!

      Well there’s still Amazon, play and HP themselves.

  • HowieB

    PC World, Currys and Best Buy all have the 16GB one for £85 and the 32GB one for £115.  All sold out now though…

  • A3g4rd

    need amazon to drop their price now

    • Matt

      Amazon arent stocking it. Its only resellers – so dont expect that price to fall!