Advent Vega now with Android 3.2

Earlier on in the year I bought an Advent Vega and out of the box I was not too impressed. With a lot of tinkering I got it to a state where it was usable. Since then the Android community have really got behind this device and hacked the hell out of it. Recently the guys over at Tabletroms managed to get Honeycomb running on the Vega, but it was only 3.0. Amazingly in the last week they have managed to get Android 3.2 running on the Vega, not only that it is fully gpu accelerated. Which means lots of games and intense graphics that previously struggled now run without a problem. Oh and flash works now as well within the browser, so the whole experience is like that of a tablet costing twice as much. So here is the video that was released at the same time as the rom showing how smooth and fast it runs now. So have you got one? Have you flashed this rom? Have you sold yours and bought something a little more expensive?

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