Mi-One Phone Announced.

This morning at 7am GMT in Beijing the Mi-One phone was announced. It is made by the people behind the Android MIUI roms. The spec for the phone is pretty good.

Mi One Phone Announced.Mi One Phone Announced.


– Unlocked bootloader!
– 4inch screen at 480 x 854 res
– Dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S3 (MSM8260)
– Up to 32GB Micro-SD card support
– 8MP Rear Camera
– Noise-cancelling microphone
– 1930mA battery!
– GPS (U.S. GPS and Russian GLONASS;)
– Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
– 266MHz Adreno220 GPU
– 125 * 63 * 11.9 (mm)

Other specs:

– x3 Capacitive touch buttons (Menu, Desktop, Back  key)
– Side USB (micro) port
– Volume button (side)
– Powerbutton (side)
– MI-Button (Customisable button for application of your choice)
– 149g weight


– Interchangable back covers in variety of different colours. (currently 7 with more to follow)
– Other “MI” Accessories to be launched such as phone stand.

Price set at ¥1900

miuiandroid.com this morning have announced on Twitter that they will be importing the Mi-One phone into the UK and that they are not sure of the final price yet. The above price converted into pounds should be less than £200 which will make this a very attractive phone, no doubt import tax will be added at a later date. It should be available from the 29th of August, but as to how long it will take to arrive in the UK is another question.

The specification and price will make this a great new Android device, the unlocked bootloader will mean that other roms not only MIUI roms should be able to be flashed to it. I look forward to getting my hands on one of these.

Source MIUIAndroid

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  • looks like a stuck together iPhone 3GS and one of HTC’s phones. I see a law suit or 3 ahead. That aside, that is a seriously impressive specification. It’ll be interesting to see what the UK retail price is though.

  • Guest

    This sounds like it could be pretty awesome.

    Although, it does look a bit iPhone so watch out for one of those ridiculous lawsuits. TBH, I ‘m not sure how different yo could make something look that consists of a big screen and a little bezel. :/

  • Pau

    it will be £340 pounds in the uk,but for now only available from china according to there site today..