First screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich leak out

The first images of the Ice Cream Sandwich have leaked onto the web, courtesy of RootzWiki and Android Police. From what little that can be discerned, the sheenshots seem to suggest the next version of Android will be an evolutionary leap from Gingerbread.

In keeping with the Tron-esque look of Honeycomb, the new OS will feature a new blue theme which can be seen in the redesigned notification bar above. The Gmail app has also apparently been rethemed to match the new aesthetic although shots of this have not yet been released.

Other new features include a new dock, now featuring a fourth icon instead of the useless dots which previously allowed you to move between homescreens. Permanent access to Google Search also appears to have been added at the top of the screen. The app drawer has also been given a rejig to bring it in line with Honeycomb and now features separate tabs for apps and widgets.

It’s not a lot to go on but it does provide a teaser of what we can expect from the next version of Android. Hopefully more details will follow soon.