Major HTC Announcement this afternoon

Major HTC Announcement this afternoonHTC are to hold a teleconference to “Make a Major News Announcement” at 4.30PM BST today. We’re not at all sure what this is just yet, but HTC CEO Peter Chou will be hosting the call live from Los Angeles.

We’ll have full news on this shortly after the call.

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  • “HTC have Steve Jobs held as a hostage and will only release him when Apple call off their relentless legal team.”

  • Carl Woodfin

    It’s meant to be about Dre’s Beats Audio. So I believe.

    • Carl

      Scratch that, they have already put that press release out.

      • Anonymous

        We’re thinking that this is fairly major. Usually it’s a big event in a major city, but to announce something on a phone call like this is a little strange. We’ll see what happens.