Apple Release iOS 5 Beta 5

Today, Apple let out it’s latest addition to the iOS 5 Beta’s to developers, Beta 5.

Just a minute though, before jumping in and downloading this update or updating via OTA from Beta 4, let me make you all aware of something else.

If you have registered your devices UDID via a Developer offering slots online and do not have your own Apple Developer paid account. You may find that when using or activating your handset it might stop working. Apple have reportedly started to close Developer accounts who have been found to be selling their slots and flagging and removing associated UDID’s with those accounts so that the handset is no longer active and becomes useless. This report comes from (via AppleInsider) who also says that those developers in question have received emails to let them know that the breach of the developer terms has not gone unnoticed. For those of you in this situation is there a way out of it?

Possibly, try downgrading to iOS 4.3.5. even though Apple says that once you have updated your device to iOS 5 you cannot roll back to a previous version. Is this really true considering they are still signing restores for iOS 4.3.5?

Let us know below if you are in this unfortunate circumstance.