Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken!

Slightly cryptic I know, plus I’m abusing my position here at Coolsmartphone promoting this but I’m sure Leigh won’t mind.

Basically GiffGaff are running a promotion that for every SIM activated they will “free” a battery chicken.

Two reasons to promote this, firstly GiffGaff SIMs are great value and I’d strongly suggest checking them out. Secondly saving battery chickens is a great cause.

GiffGaff have teamed up with the Wood Green Animal Charity to make this happen. Be sure to check out the GiffGaff blog to read how this came about.

Not much more I can add really, it’s a slightly different way of promoting a tech product but in my opinion a great one that is deserving of a look.

Unlock a phone, unlock a chicken!

Go on, it’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy knowing you’ve helped in a small way!

Links – GiffGaff BlogWood Green CharityWood Green (Twitter)

Oh, and if you use my Giffgaff promotional link you’ll get an extra £5 credit. Yay!