Find a parking space easier with the NCP Android app

Find a parking space easier with the NCP Android appParking your car is always a little stressful. Here in the UK those parking bays seem to get slimmer and slimmer whilst the cost of leaving your car gets higher and higher. Oh, and don’t be a couple of minutes late coming back to your car either, because there’ll probably be a parking ticket slapped on the window.

But that’s enough of me moaning. 🙂 NCP have just released a free Car Park Finder application for Android. The app will find local car parks, guide you to them and will show you information on opening times. There’s driving and walking guidance plus a car finder system which shows picture of where you parked your car along with an augmented reality feature showing you the exact location.

Link – NCP Car Park Finder

Find a parking space easier with the NCP Android appFind a parking space easier with the NCP Android app
Find a parking space easier with the NCP Android app


AUGUST 2, 2011



Free NCP app gives motorists instant data and integrated maps showing how to get to their final destination from any car park; developed by Mobikats, Android version available for download

The nation’s largest car park operator NCP and app developer Mobikats today jointly announce a new map-driven smartphone app to help motorists find the nearest parking site to their destination and get them there in the shortest timeframe.

The app shows you which of NCP’s 600 plus urban and airport car parks is closest to your chosen destination as well as mapping details of its location, costs of parking and precise directions on how to get there.

The app will help you get to your chosen destination quicker with the minimum of fuss. By entering details of final destination, the app’s nifty integrated mapping feature also provides you with a map and walking directions to get there.

But there’s more to this phone app. There’s also a cool car finder feature, allowing motorists to save a parked car location on a map as well as an image of their car in the car park and the slot it’s been parked in. Motorists simply view the saved map and image of where their car has been parked to quickly get to their cars – gone are the days when you can’t remember where you parked your car and run around the car park looking for it.

Alternatively, for a truly augmented reality experience, users can simply hold their phone up and instantly see where their car is parked superimposed on a video camera feed from their phone.

“NCP is a customer-centric business and this app is consistent with our corporate goal to maximise the customer experience at our car parks nationwide,” says Alison Sams, NCP’s head of marketing and retention. “We believe our new smartphone app will quickly become a must-have tool for motorists and help end their urban and airport parking nightmares.”

Visit to download the free app.