Introducing Touchpal keypad for Android.

Sorry about this, but I’m posting another story about a Beta test app. This time it’s Touchpal.

Touchpal was on Windows mobile devices a few years ago, but has recently not been around, yesterday they tweeted asking for beta testers for their new android keyboard. I quickly replied and today they sent me the link to download the keyboard.

Touted as a ‘Swype killer’, it combines the swiping motion that keyboards like Swype and slide-it use as well as the more conventional touch input , but it also has clever predictive input much like swiftkey.

I’ve only been using it for a few hours, but my Twitter friends have been very interested, hence this post. There is a brief instructional section as well…

Introducing Touchpal keypad for Android.

The swiping method seems to work nicely, very similar to Swype and out of the box it seems to work just as well, certainly for a massive swype fan like me it’s good enough to be used as my main keyboard.

The touch input seems good, I’m not a fan of these keyboards, but it does seem to work well, whether it is as good as Swiftkey I wouldn’t like to say!

Below is a couple of different keyboard options:

Introducing Touchpal keypad for Android.

Introducing Touchpal keypad for Android.

The best thing about this is you can swipe words but if it’s getting confused you just switch to touch typing, so it’s the best of both worlds- yes, in my opinion the touch input is better than Swype, swiping input is almost as good.

There seems to be lots of settings, but I’ve not really played much.

Introducing Touchpal keypad for Android.

Now considering it’s a beta test and I’ve only used it for a few hours i have to say it’s rather good and looks like it’ll find itself a place in the market when released.

To get a beta test you have to follow Touchpal and Retweet their tweet on the 27th of July to be invited.

Main Touchpal site: Touchpal

Please don’t fill the comments section asking for the .apk! They seem to send out invites quite quickly.