Mystery Samsung QWERTY Android Device?

BGR have got some images of an un-announced Android device which is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy S2 over in the USA but the more important question is will we ever see it out in Europe and under what name considering we already have a S2 named device?

Mystery Samsung QWERTY Android Device?Mystery Samsung QWERTY Android Device?Mystery Samsung QWERTY Android Device?

Fingers crossed this device will take some other model number and be released separate using HSPA+ instead for Europe use as I am sure there are a lot of people worldwide who would love this very specification of a phone paired with that really nice spacious keyboard…. myself included!

Link –BGR

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  • Tom Ranson

    Yeah, I need this sort of a phone. :-)

  • Gm3

    droid3 xt860 is already better since it has a numeric key row.
    Portrait slider qwerty would be superb.
    I’d personally like a high end version of motorola spice or an android version of dell venue pro.
    Sliders are okay but a lot less immediate to use (you end up using the touch keyboard not to have to tilt and open the hardware keyb)