Soundbug2 Speakers on test

Soundbug2 Speakers on testRecently we had an email about some funky wireless Bluetooth speakers by FeONIC. They turn any resonant surface into an thunderous entertainment system. It’s a simple matter of pairing and then, provided the speakers are on and within range, they’ll output your media.

We gave them a try on a table, worktop and some cupboard shelves. All gave a slightly different sound but it was pretty cool to hear such little speakers making such a deep and clear sound.

They’re available for £149.99 from and charge with standard miniUSB cables (supplied). They also have volume controls and are incredibly easy to setup and get going.

We put the Soundbug2 stereo units and the FeONIC Technology on test. Full specs below..

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Connection to audio source: Bluetooth / 3.5mm jack via mini USB socket (optional)
Bluetooth type: A2DP
Stereo mode: Can be wirelessly paired with a second soundbug2 to create stereo
Power rating: c5Watt
Sound Output: c80dBA on 18mm x 1m x 1m MDF
Typical Bandwidth: 160Hz-20,000Hz
Battery: 3.7V 2.4Ah Lithium ion (integrated), rechargeable via USB cable supplied
Typical recharging time: 4-6 hours
Typical playtime: 6-8 hours

Link –

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  • Great post. I love getting into flow during work, and you’re tips for achieving flow during the day and the week are well thought out.

  • techgirl

    Love the look of these, very cool!

  • Ben

    I was surprised you restricted yourself to wood surfaces. I recommend glass. Particularly a glass desk or casserole dish (or two).

  • Yes glass is great. Just tried my kitchen cabinets, fridge etc. I think they are perfect for a traveler who needs something to slip into a briefcase, laptop bag. To give an idea of the size the two bugs have a smaller footprint than my HTC Desire. And because you can place them apart you get genuine stereo. Which is kind of weird from one solid surface.
    I developed the soundbug2 website. If you take a look and find problems please email or tweet or whatever to let me know.