HTC Boss Prepares to Fight

HTC Boss, Peter Chou, has spoken to the BBC about the continuing patent battle with Apple. In the interview he says that the company will “make a stand” and are “confident that we have a strong case”. The recent Apple complaint pushed down the value of HTC shares but Peter Chou has this message for them…

We all have been living in this village for a long time, making war. But one day this powerful man came and took all weapons and said these are my powerful weapons. But this war belongs to all and nobody has a right to ask other people to leave.

Mr Chou wants Apple to be aware that HTC create top-quality products, plus they were making smartphones before Apple. HTC were once a “white label” phone maker but have become a dominant force in the mobile industry with a very strong brand. Apple, though, have a stronger brand – a brand that will make people buy, no matter what the product is. Apple will continue to protect this with Google themselves also in the firing line.

Link – BBC News