Deal – Cheap SanDisk 32GB microSD card

Deal   Cheap SanDisk 32GB microSD cardSo, we know we’re asking for trouble here. We’ve no doubt that you’ll all chip in with better deals (which is great, by the way), but Amazon have this SanDisk 32GB microSD card for just £37.13. It was originally for sale for £133.

Let us know if you’ve bought one or if you’ve seen it cheaper ;)

Link –
Credit – Dave B

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  • kinky-chinky

    I see from the pic it’s a class 2 card. Does that make it a good deal or a bad deal?

  • It’s a good deal for a slow card. If speed is important, then are doing a PNY 16GB class 10 card for £17.99 –

  • iinga

    Sandisk class2 regularly run at class 4/class 6 speeds. 2MBs is the minimum guaranteed write speed and sandisk seem to take this seriously as 2MBs definitely isn’t their maximum ;) 

  • ArcticBeast

    for a couple of quid more you could get a class 4 one from here mobymemory

  • Michele

    Looks like its time to buy a micro sd card. Thanks for posting this great deal. 32 gb is the way to go now.

    shed plans

  • Nik

    I am definitely keen on getting this however your image of the card shows a class 2 card however when you go to the amazon link, the sellers page image shows a class 4 card. Can anyone confirm if this is a class 2 or 4 card?