3 Months 1/2 Price Galaxy S2 From Vodafone

Fancy getting your very own Samsung Galaxy S2 on Vodafone?, how does 3 months half price for no additional cost sound?

3 Months 1/2 Price Galaxy S2 From Vodafone

For more information check out the link below and remember to use code 3MHPLR when ordering to get this special time limited offer

Link: Vodafone Online Store

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  • Nice one!

  • Shame if you have had the phone for less than 20 days you get a 2nd hand in replacement when it goes wrong due to been faulty……. I’m not just saying this but my bro is having a problem despite Section 14 Para 2a of the sale of good act 1979 allowing for replacment of a new unit in law…. Pants really. So in sumary you may get a cheap deal but be warned if it goes wrong you get some one elses faulty handset ( PS Did I mention the replacment has scratches on it ? ) T