HTC Flyer Now On T-Mobile UK

T-Mobile have now got the HTC Flyer on sale here in the UK with a monthly contract on 24 months giving you an allowance of data to use every month.

Customers get both an allowance to use during the day and a separate ‘off-peak’ allowance.

If you are an existing customer you get 1GB of data plus 1GB ‘Quiet Time’, for a up front fee of £199.00 and then £25 a month.  If you are a new customer you get the same £25 for 1GB and 1GB Quiet Time but with an up front charge of £229.00 instead.

Looking through the T&C for ‘Quiet Time’ is says

However much you use the internet, you’ll never get charged extra
We’re the only operator to offer you a fixed price for browsing and emailing on your mobile broadband connection with no limits and no extra charges.

  • Never pay more than your monthly fixed price
  • You can always browse and email with no limits
  • Perfect for getting online when you’re out and about

Is there an allowance?
You can browse and email as much as you want.

Your price plan has a 500MB or 1GB allowance (depending on the plan you select) for streaming videos and uploading and downloading files. If you hit this limit during the month, you won’t be able to do this stuff again until the next month.

If you’ve bought an iPad or iPad 2 on a pay monthly plan, you’ll get 1GB of data to use a month. But, great news for night owls; you’ll also get an extra 1GB ‘quiet time’ allowance to use between midnight and 10am.

Link: T-Mobile UK