HTC Desire HD WiFi Update rolling

If you’ve not already received it there’s an update for HTC Desire HD handsets which should fix the WiFi issue that has plagued some devices. The new software version is 2.50.405.2 and we’d love to hear from you if it’s improved your experience.

Credit – Marc Holmes

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  • Sm4n

    I didn’t notice any issues before but the update did seem to set a few of my settings back to default, such as my wallpaper and skin.. Maybe I have one of the phones that didn’t have a problem. Would like to know what exactly was wrong with the old software..

  • Asd

    I had to be in the same room as my router … now guess what :) I still have to be in the same room as my router!! even bought a new antenna :P fma (fuck my android)

  • kmart

    Holy Poop Batman ! After not being able to use my WiFi since Gingerbread.. Its now Alive !!!

  • George

    I installed the update and battery now darins much faster. Any syggestions on how to remove the upadte?

  • Not so happy Australian……

    Still waiting for Vodafone Australia to release the fix…………………