New Orange UK Data Roaming Costs

Orange UK have lowered the cost of using your smartphone abroad with a range of data bundles on offer so users no longer have the worry about the cost of keeping in touch.  The options available are:

  • £3 for 30MB lasting 24hrs
  • £15 for 30MB lasting 30 days
  • £50 for 150MB lasting 30 days
  • £150 for 500MB lasting 30 days

New Orange UK Data Roaming Costs

Orange has launched a daily browsing for customers travelling within the EU. A £3 daily bundle gives 30MB of data, with customers only charged if they use any data within a 24-hour period.

The network believes 30MB a day overs 99.5% of a customer’s daily needs, but monthly bundles can be purchased too, starting at £15 for 30MB, £50 for 150MB and £150 for 500MB. Each of these may also be purchased as a one-off 30 day bundle.

To enable the daily bundle, or one of the other mobile Internet bundles, customers should call customer services on 150 at home or abroad.

Link: What Mobile

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  • WhoaThere

    Lowered? That’s supposed to be cheap? FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!

  • WhatAJoke

    Nowhere near good enough. This is still robbery!

  • Simon

    Sorry but that is still mad!! Just get the phone unlocked and use a local sim for data. £150 for 500mb Robbery indeed!!!

  • Ben

    Interesting that they think this meets ‘99.5%’ of users needs…presumably because virtually no-one uses any data at the moment because it is a rip off…which this doesn’t seem to change significantly.

  • Luke Moulsher

    Nail on the head Ben. The only reason you’ll find me using any form of Orange Data is the free stuff they give me.