LG Optimus Pro C660 Uncovered

This QWERTY device has just popped up on Flickr. Looking distinctly like a Blackberry it apparently has Android 2.3, a QVGA 2.8″ screen, 3 megapixel camera, Wifi and a 1500 mAh battery.

Expect this one to target those cool youths who text, email, tweet and Facebook. Currently there’s no mention of this on the LG site but we’ll keep you posted.

Link – Flickr.com
Credit – AndroidWorld.it

LG Optimus Pro C660 UncoveredLG Optimus Pro C660 UncoveredLG Optimus Pro C660 Uncovered

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  • Terry

    Typical – yet another one turns up before I committed to the Cha Cha

    I must have a qwerty bar Android phone (my fingers are just not suited to an onscreen keyboard  – even with Swiftkey installed).

    The portrait orientation should help the screen here – as long as it’s got a lanyard loop !

    • Me

      If the Cha Cha came in Black and didn’t have the excessive facebook integration I’d snap it up, I hope HTC release a tweaked version.  The LG looks a bit plasticy, that + the QVGA screen make it a non-runner.

  • LG is still struggling in making its name in the smartphones market. I hope it develops a strong brand now but dude needs to beat the big fishes.


  • I’m surprised Samsung hasn’t made any QWERTY android phones. I used to love their Black Jack or i360 windows mobile phones they did. They rocked!

    • James Pearce

      Hi Tom

      Samsung have the Galaxy Pro. Similiar spec. Plagued by Android not handling native landscape devices very well. 3 do the Galaxy Pro quite cheaply on pay as you go.