HTC Desire Z Problems continue

According to sources, the HTC Desire Z should have received an update to Gingerbread “before the end of June”. That’s not happened as yet. We’re now hearing that it’s to be the end of this month instead, but we’ll keep you updated when we hear more.

Unfortunately a lot of the Desire Z units seem to have bits dropping off. It’s either paint, the protective coating or the “HTC” letters themselves. We only covered this on Friday but we’ve already lots of people in agreement.

Here’s a shot from Dawid Lorenz who’s already lost the letter “T” and is about to lose the letter “C” too..

HTC Desire Z Problems continue

Here’s another damaged battery cover…

HTC Desire Z Problems continue

HTC Desire Z Problems continue

Ross Mclardy, who sent these shots in, has also compared his phone to other Desire Z units and found a definite discolouration. We’re not aware of any different colours on the market (do let us know), so these could be from two different batches possibly >?

We’re waiting to get the official line from HTC on all this, but do let us know if you’ve seen anything or whether you’ve got a photo to show us.

Feel free to forward this story into forums etc that may be covering this issue.

HTC Desire Z Problems continue

HTC Desire Z Problems continue

HTC Desire Z Problems continue

HTC Desire Z Problems continue

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HTC Desire to receive Gingerbread this month
  • Guest

    The comparison shots look like two different colour units. A grey and a “brown” perhaps? The other Desires also came in slightly varying colours.

    No arguing about the back covers though. That is a bit rubbish. I hope the replacements that they are sending out have been produced differently so as not to present the problem again later.

  • Just wanted to point out that my photo is a bit outdated and now I also have that silver frame around camera lens worn off the paint, like on the 6th picture from top, on the right. And btw, “C” letter has surivived somehow until today.

  • Pmott001

    My phone… has almost all these same symptons.

    Discolouration… I especially hate the yellow bit that u see when u open the keyboard (rhs).. mine is worse than the pics!

    Have thought about rubbing down my battery cover… going for the polished look instead… but now I’m worried bout the letters! (Shame u can’t swap the letters round…. id love that! …. a phone made by thc!)

    Anyways… I would be interested to hear what ppl do about this… how to clean it etc etc.

  • @mr_bridger

    it was once silver believe me! lol. there are some areas that still are. And it looks a lot worse in the flesh. the buttons are silver grey and the phone is a browny yellow :(

  • Good device. When I kickin with my wife, I hit it to wall! And it`s alive! Just a little luft on slide.

  • my desire z has many wear and tear faults…
    the battery cover coating is really worn, the htc letters need to be pushed back in at least once a week, the silver border round the camera lens is rubbing down to black, all the 4 back corners and 2 front corners have the black plastic showing through, I’ve got a scratch on the screen, the yellowing on each side of the keys and there hinge mechanism is getting all wobbly and loose.
    but you know what, I think it adds charm and character and I kinda like it.

  • Harry-francis

    Are HTC sending out replacements then? If they are how do you go about informing them of your problem my battery cover has lost the ‘T’ from the back and also suffered from the protective layer falling off in bits? The paint on the actually case of the phone has also started to peel abit? Thhank in advance. Harry

  • Salman Ansari

    Hi people…..ive been having this problem for a while now and even had the letter pop out but pushed it back and i left it at that as i use a case mate cover.

    But ive just called HTC from there site:

    US/Canada1-855-788-3705 – Tablet1-888-354-2375 – Nexus OneUnited Kingdom+44-845-890-0079 

    and when giving the serial number they knew that phone wasnt a year old and are sending me a replacement cover, I asked if the advisor has had many calls but said its their first one,

    Might as well call and get it changed!


  • ReeTheBee

    ive faced similar problems, and now the problems have all added up

    1. the jumping of screen when typing out text. if i enter specific letters like s or b, the browser opens up out of  nowhere. 
    2. Post updating to gingerbread, the loading screen that stays for seconds that seem like hours before you can operate ur phone again. Is especially annoying if you quit and app and wanna make an urgent call but you end up waiting. 
    3. Yellow discoloration of qwerty
    4. the silver border around the camera is now a black one.
    5. I have bid adieu to the htc letters at the back of the phone 
    6. the outer layer of the back cover has chipped off.. is very prone to scratches looks ugly
    7. The pictures i take don’t show in gallery but are retrievable when i connect to pc. 
    8. I need a replacement