HTC Desire Z Problems continue

According to sources, the HTC Desire Z should have received an update to Gingerbread “before the end of June”. That’s not happened as yet. We’re now hearing that it’s to be the end of this month instead, but we’ll keep you updated when we hear more.

Unfortunately a lot of the Desire Z units seem to have bits dropping off. It’s either paint, the protective coating or the “HTC” letters themselves. We only covered this on Friday but we’ve already lots of people in agreement.

Here’s a shot from Dawid Lorenz who’s already lost the letter “T” and is about to lose the letter “C” too..

Here’s another damaged battery cover…

Ross Mclardy, who sent these shots in, has also compared his phone to other Desire Z units and found a definite discolouration. We’re not aware of any different colours on the market (do let us know), so these could be from two different batches possibly >?

We’re waiting to get the official line from HTC on all this, but do let us know if you’ve seen anything or whether you’ve got a photo to show us.

Feel free to forward this story into forums etc that may be covering this issue.

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