Improving battery life on your Android

Battery life is perhaps one of the most important and most annoying thing about a smartphone. One of my fellow MVP’s, Daron Brewood, has been having some pretty big issues with battery life on his HTC Sensation. After just 5 hours he’d see the red battery light and would be desperately hunting for a power socket. Another MVP, Helio Diamant, advised him that Tweetdeck could be the culprit, so Daron tweaked the settings…

Yesterday with Tweetdeck set to refresh every 15 minutes I ended the day with 24% charge left on the device and that was with a lot of USB charging and the screen brightness set to manual and at a minimal level

Today I set Tweetdeck to refresh data every 2 hours and performed two additional manual refreshes. USB charging was carried out only minimally as I was away from my desk a great deal. Screen brightness was left on the automatic setting. I ended the day with 89% charge remaining!

I’ve not used Tweetdeck much myself but it does seem to have a fairly significant impact on battery life with a 15 minute refresh. If you’ve got an app or any tips you’re using to improve battery life, do let us know via the comments.

Link – SmartphoneGurus.comImproving battery life on your Android