O2 Joggler with Android

A while ago Leigh got his hands on an O2 Joggler you can watch his original review here (part1) and here (part 2).  Some of you may be wondering exactly what this device is. It is a 7″ capacative touch screen, mains powered family organiser. He was not too impressed with it, as the built in apps were limited, the whole device was quite buggy and it was expensive. O2 had to keep dropping the prices to get rid of their stock until it hit an all time low of £50. At this point various forums started appearing containing lots of different hacks you could apply to the Joggler. You could add BBC Iplayer, A Squeezeplayer, A Remote desktop client or the Opera Mobile web browser. These apps enabled people to get a better experience from the Joggler. Then the same forums realised that you could boot a different operating system on the Joggler. All you had to do was to copy a Ubuntu image onto a usb stick and you were up and running. Below are a few pictures of what the device looks like.

O2 Joggler with AndroidO2 Joggler with Android

Various different operating systems started to appear such as Meego, Mint Linux, Jolicloud and eventually Android. The original Android image wasn’t great, everything about it was slow and buggy, so I went back to Ubuntu. Ubuntu just never felt right for me, various windows and dialogs stretched off the edge of the screen making the whole experience rather annoying. I was starting to think of selling my Joggler on Ebay and I thought I would try one of the latest Android images one last time before I got rid. In the few months since I had tried it last, the Android image was up to Android 2.2 with Google apps and pretty much bug free. Below are some screenshots of my current setup.

O2 Joggler with AndroidO2 Joggler with Android

I came across the O2 Joggler Forum and their Wiki which has a lot of information all about modifying the original system and how to install all of the different Linux distributions. There is also a FAQ section to help new users get to grips with their Joggler.

Now my Joggler has Android I find it so much easier to use and a lot more useful. I have two, one is in the kitchen which I use for quick web searches, checking weather, listening to the radio, listening to music, reading the latest news, remote sky+ controller, tv guide, checking emails, checking Twitter, getting traffic updates, looking at pictures,  a calculator, managing my calendar, reading hotel reviews and reading recipes. My other Joggler is in my office area attached to my sound system, as it can play any music from any computer on my home network.

The only slight problems with the Joggler are its 3d capabilities, any program that has overly fancy graphics will slow the device to a halt. Secondly because the Joggler has an Intel Atom Processor, some apps will never work because they are coded for ARM processors. Lastly the Android Market misbehaves and often refuses to install some apps that you know you have had installed before, quite often it will let you install it later on in the day.

If you wanted to buy your own Joggler you need to head over to Ebay, you can usually pick one up for Around about £50. Below is a video walk-through of my Joggler.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSESksUXvnc’]