Angry Birds now available for Windows Phone too

Got a Windows Phone ? Want to get Angry Birds and be just like your fellow Android and iPhone users ? Just click this link and Zune should pop up with the game. If that doesn’t work, fire up Zune and do a manual search for it. It’s free to try and £2.49 to buy.. yes, we know that the Android version is free and that the Apple version is 59p but….

There’s 165 levels to go through and it’ll make use of Xbox LIVE too.

Link – Zune

Angry Birds now available for Windows Phone too

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  • Jorgeferreira Uk

    it is true that you have to pay but at least you dont have the annoying adverts flashing as you do on Android devices…

    • Anonymous

      Nor does the 59p iOS version though. The price is just crazy. Games in general on WP are just far too expensive. I’d love to know how the sales are doing.