More Mango features revealed

A few extra features have been uncovered in the new Windows Phone Mango release. They include extra messaging features like the ability to “nudge” friends and multi-party chats. There’s also the ability to share your Xbox Live profile with Facebook, multiplayer gaming, voice chat and only parties.

Other details show custom ringtones, manual IP address settings and extra Bluetooth devices. There’s also news that the HTML5 support will allow background streaming of audio files in the browser.

Link – Windows Phone Sauce
Credit – Mike Broad

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  • Daniel Simons

    It’s coming along just nicely. Move over HTC as Nokia is gona steamroll with WP7 in 2012. HTC will have no choice but to improve their camera performance and hardware quality as consumers WILL ditch them for other manufacturer’s.

    • Guest

      i agree, HTC has held the torch for a long time but for the last year almost everything has been the same SoC, im not actually too bothered about the internals as wp works amazingly fast, but they need to get some propper optics in here, a nice 28mm lens will do, im not talking zoom lenses, just some propper optics to match the actually very good 5MP+ CCDs