Do you still wear a watch?

I was out for most of this weekend. Being the geek I am I noticed what phones people were using as I visited shops, a restaurant and a few pubs. There’s a lot of HTC Desire and HTC Wildfire phones out there, but I noticed something else too.

People don’t seem to be wearing watches any more.

Personally I have two watches, but I never wear them. Whilst I blame this partly on the sheer amount of keyboard work I need to do, it’s partly because I always look at my phone if I need to know the time.

When I was out with friends and family none of us knew what the time was. Nobody had a watch on, so it meant one of us grabbing our phones.

Are we seeing the slow death of the humble wrist watch ? Let us know via our poll…


Do you still wear a watch?

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  • I have to admit to going through phases regarding wearing a watch… also if I remember to put it on :)

  • always wear a watch, feel lost without one

  • Hokum15

    I’ve not worn a watch in years… I really must replace the battery on my old one…

  • Drew

    Haven’t worn one for about 13/14 years, which is around the same time I got my first mobile phone….

  • Adam

    It’s a bit quicker to flick my wrist to see the time rather than fish phone from pocket and press the power button…

  • I wear one, as work as a cameraman its easier to see the watch on my wrist then trying to get a phone out, that is probably switched off to stop any interference.

  • Ian Bennett

    I do – in fact I wear the exact same type of watch as in your photo!  It’s a Timex T2M552PA (althought the word Timex has been removed from just below the ’12’ numerals in your photo).

  • Ben Thom-Wood

    I wear a watch (1 of 10 that I’ve got) and as 7 of them are solar powered I don’t need to worry about their batteries. It’s nicer to check my wrist than flash my phone out (I inherited a couple of watches from my Father) especially as I’m planning on getting a galaxy tab 10.1 in the near future!

  • Firann

    I am wearing a Edifice m1100 watch and while i do tend to look at the time on the phone, the watch is the only accessory us guys have :)

  • Ben Johnson

    Never leave home without one, currently using a Sony Ericsson MBE-150 Executive with OpenWatch on my Desire HD.

  • Stopped wearing a watch ages ago because I always carry a phone with me and therefore the watch was redundant.  I did by the Sony Ericsson LiveView thinking that it might be a watch to wear, but also get that little extra out of… no such luck, rather than a watch you wind up, it’s a watch that does nothing but wind *you* up!! :) So no, no watch :)

  • Aran

    Haven’t worn a watch in years. In fact I remember my first justification to myself about buying a ‘more expensive than normal nokia basic phone’ was that I would be buying a 3 in 1 device:

    Phone (obviously)
    Walkman (yes it was that long ago)

    Nowadays smart phones are more like 10 in 1 devices…

  • Anonymous

    Definitely love watches. It’s just more convenient to quickly check the time and they’re just beautiful, stylish accessories. 

  • 3dp

    Watches are more than a teller of time – they tell you about the person for both sexes they are functional accesories. Me I have a couple of “name” swiss models, some chinese “name” copies and some functional pieces for workouts bikeriding. It’s jewellry with benefits

  • Aa

    Actually I’ve started to wear a watch after I was tired of using the phone to check the time…

  • Im similar to you gears, I notice the technology that people are using on a daily basis, good to keep an eye on whats being used here and there. Not noticed the watch thing tho! Trust you to notice that! All good matey.

    I used to wear watches until I got my mobile phone all those years ago. I don’t bother with expensive ones altho I do wear a watch. I have a cheap Primark £1 Breo copy which is faded and pretty pants but it does the job and im happy with it! They seem to last for ages! :)

  • Tony Deslandes

    Yep – an Omega automatic – it’s jewellery, it’s a gift, a reminder and a bloody pain as automatics like to be worn everyday. It’s also not that accurate compared to a cheap digital, but that’s not really the point…

  • Anonymous

    I know virtually no one with a watch but I’ve always worn one and like that it simply tells me the time/date. I’m also always running late, so it’s crucial. A phone takes too long to check.

    You can type with a watch on btw.

  • Vince

    I hate not wearing a watch, and on the odd occasion I’ve forgotten to put one on when going to work, I stop off and get a cheap one somewhere to wear in the office…pretty sad I know! Like another here, I’ve now got the Sony Ericsson MBW-150 (though mines the music edition) which is great if you’re in a crowded pub, and the missus tries to call. I’m surprised these watches never really caught on, probably the original cost.

  • Nicknox

    I’ll stop wearing a watch when they make waterproof, watch sized gadgets that tell the time. Oh, wait they already do, they’re called watches.