Android 2.3 arriving on Orange Desire HD

If you’ve got yourself a Desire HD on Orange we could very well have some rather good news. Emails are starting to come in here at Coolsmartphone towers stating that the Android 2.3 upgrade is hitting the network-branded devices as we speak.

Give us your feedback if you’ve received a notification on your Orange device.

Credit – Daniel Keeble

Android 2.3 arriving on Orange Desire HD

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  • jonnyroyale

    Why wait?  I’ve had it it for ages.  Root your phone and put a Leedroid ROM on it.

  • Steve

    Downloaded and updated succesfully. Now to find the small changes that people have been making the big noises about getting.

    • Agree but there are some basic questions about keeping the base OS up todate for good practice reasons and the need for people for OEMs to keep up with these expectations…. Windows Update has a lot to answer for on this imho. That been said I recently went to CM7 – NOT because I wanted 2.3 but because I wanted to experince raw Android – I’m glad I did.

  • Mark Aitken62

    Ive had 2.3 on my Orange HD for 2 months .

  • J99KKE

    Upgraded to 2.3 last night, not impressed having issues connecting to home wifi connection, keeps disconnecting and then trying to reconnect, i never had this issue with 2.2….not happy :(

    • Phil G

      Similar problem for me with my desire HD today – it connected to my router when I was in the same room but the interweb wouldn’t work at all via wi-fi (worked perfectly immediately before update).

      I cured that by by ticking the ‘best wi-fi performance’ box in wi-fi – settings – advanced settings.

      However it still won’t work all over the house – the range is very much reduced.

  • Just checked mine and it’s there, whoop!!