Android loses market share in the US

Is this the beginning of the end ? Well, if you’re into scaremongering perhaps it is, but we’re more inclined to believe that the iPhone and rumours of a new model are slowing down the gains made by Android in recent months. Data from from IDC shows a dip in US market share and analyst Charlie Wolf from Needham & Company is quick to call this “the beginning of the end” of the continual gains made by the OS.

In a note to investors Tuesday, Wolf points out Apple’s iOS within the US mobile market gained 12.3 percentage points to 29.5 percent during the first quarter. Conversely, the analyst sees Android dropping from 52.4 to 49.5 percent, the first sequential loss for Android ever in any region of the world.

Wolf believes consumers will flock to the iPhone when Apple coordinates the launch on both the GSM and CDMA networks in the fall. The analyst speculates the iPhone might also launch on Sprint (NYSE: S) and T-Mobile networks (pending approval of AT&T’s (NYSE: T) proposed T-Mobile acquisition, we assume).

Links – (via Needham & Company and The Telegraph