Suggested Android App- Crackle.

Forgive me if this is old new, I’m not terribly clued up on movie apps.

Basically watch free movies on your Android device! Ideal for a tablet or if you have a phone with an output to a TV.

Suggested Android App  Crackle.Suggested Android App  Crackle.

Crackle allows you to watch movies and TV shows for free, they are free due to adverts.

Not much I can say other than try it, it seems like a no lose app, if it works happy days, if it doesn’t, uninstall it! I’m afraid I can’t test at the moment due to very slow Broadband and ‘rural’ network connection.

Looks good, I understand it is has been out for iOS for some time, so apologies all you Apple fans.

Android market link: Crackle


Oh, big thanks to my fellow Coolsmartphone writer James Pearce for helping point out items.

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  • Hokum

    Would be good if it supported any of my devices. No support for sgt or defy…

    • Mrm1970

      Like this guy say’s.

  • Dwm

    The app is not available on Android. So what is the point of this ?

    • Mrm1970

       It’s in the market if you look properly I found it straight away.