PlayBook On Vodafone (Business Only)

Vodafone UK are selling the BlackBerry PlayBook on their website now for £332.50 excluding VAT which takes it to a price of £399, however the bad news is this offer is for business customers ONLY!.

PlayBook On Vodafone (Business Only)

This news comes after recently O2 decided not to sell the PlayBook at all leaving Vodafone as the only network currently offering the tablet but to a very limited amount of people.

It would seem support for the RIM tablet just is not there yet.

Link: Vodafone Business

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  • sonicr360

    Hmmm…. saw a review of this, and I think RIM have got their Marketing Wires crossed here!! On SKY TV it was reviewed, and the PR relations commented that its aimed at a younger market!
    So just exactly how many younger people have £400. Also to go on and on and on about how it has flash, plays real web videos and true internet does not really compensate for lack of decent apps!
    That’s my view.

    • Ksean007

       To be truthful from a build quality stand point it is truly a leader in the tablet world however RIM have done very little to help promote such well designed product, opinions will change when the ability to use android apps becomes available and the sales figures will reflect that. as it stands it still is a work in motion and yes it does play flash extremely well but what truly puts it in a league of it’s own is true multitasking which beats  the Ipad hands down so yeah its still a quality purchase if you have the patience to wait for improvements.

  • Reehan

    Nice form factor and interface. It’s all about the Apps at the end of the day though!

    • sonicr360

      Yep would agree. Bit like an empty plate… no good without the food you want to put on it! Or even a Shopping Trolley… starts empty… but you fill it with the goodies you want.
      Same for iPad Apps me thinks :)

  • sonicr360

    That seems to be the problem. It was on Sky News that some PR relations woman came on and said they were aimed for a younger generation market. This is where I question the PR guys really.
    Im not sure people would buy it just for flash though, or even Multi Tashing. Also, anyone has has invested in iOS apps, are not likely to transfer over. The reviews online and in magazines are very, very mixed. Maybe a newer generation will take note of it and use their cash to purchase it.
    Over time, things may well change. I just cannot help feel RIM are a little lost as to where they should be aiming this. Also, is it true some Phone providers are not stocking or selling the PlayBook.
    Anyhow, just my own view, but nice to see another device out in the Market.