ChevronWP7 will jailbreak your Windows Phone

ChevronWP7 are a group of developers who created a tool for Windows Phone 7 to unlock your device. Using their unlocker you could install homebrew apps. Recently the unlocker tool was discontinued and they started to discuss things with Brandon Watson who is the Director of Developer Experience for Windows Phone 7. The outcome of their discussions is a tool that with Microsoft’s approval will unlock your phone. Yesterday on their website ChevronWP7 announced the following –

ChevronWP7 will jailbreak your Windows Phone

Which means for a small fee you can install whatever you like. I know a few of the guys here have WP7 devices and hopefully one of them will try this out for us. I’m sure that the fee is going to make some people cross, but I imagine this is probably part of a licensing fee from Microsoft. We will see.

Source – Endadget

Credit – Neil Curry


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