HTC Sensation now available for pre-order on 3

HTC Sensation now available for pre order on 3

Mobile network 3 this morning have put the HTC Sensation on their website. It is now available for pre-order for free on a 24 month contract paying £30 per month or on the one plan for £37 per month. Click here for the page on 3’s website. The earliest delivery date is said to be Wednesday the 29th of June.
Credit @guillin on Twitter

The latest twist! HTC will remove selected Apps from the Desire to run Gingerbread.
O2 Update Coming Soon
  • Yay for Gullin ( he gets around :) )

  • Aran

    Meh. Sooo similar to a lot of other HTC’s, fills me with apathy I’m afraid. At least the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a slight improvement on form factor (anorexia is sexy?) but this one doesn’t excite at all…

  • nice one. thanks! I l  like HTC!

  • Thought you might like to know that O2 have delivered a brand new Sensation to me today. I ordered one yesterday, and was told it was “on backorder” which she thought meant it should be available in a few days. Very surprised when it arrived today!

    Don’t know if they were meant to ship it, but it’s here, it works, and it’s a lovely phone!