Google Maps the most connected App in the UK

Not really a huge surprise, but recent data released by comScore and the GSMA shows Google maps being the most ‘connected’ App in the UK in April.

Now, a connected App means one that actually transfers data over a network, ruling out games etc as they are generally installed and that is it.

Whereas Google maps being top isn’t really a surprise- it is pre-installed on all iphones and Android phones- there are a few others listed that look a little out of place.

Skys Live football score centre scores ( See what I did there?) a seventh place in the league ( ok, enough…) behind some giants of tech.

Yahoo stocks is an odd one to me, is there really that many people checking their stocks and shares?

Shazam does very well, I guess there are lots of people wanting to know what that song is?!

Talking Tom Cat….. Sorry, maybe going to show my age or ignorance, no idea what that is!

Below is the top 20 list:

Google Maps the most connected App in the UK

Source: Guardian Newspaper.


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  • Matt

    You’ve never heard or seen of Talking Tom Cat?! Have you looked down the charts of the App store or Android Market? Its there!
    Its an annoying/amusing (depending on your mood) CGI cat that copies what you say and can be interacted with.You can store videos and upload direct to Youtube or Facebook. BUT it does havea lto of ads (on the free version) – so maybe thats the traffic?Keeps my 2 year old amused for 15 minutes (which is an eternity for a toddler, believe me!)

    • Stuart Mcgregor

      Ah, I don’t have children, that’s my excuse……..( rushes to the android market…!) 

  • Facebook only in third place?