Windows Marketplace and MyPhone to be Discontinued.

Well this may pass some of you by, but the Windows Mobile of old (Not Windows phone 7) more commonly known as WinMo is having it’s Marketplace and MyPhone services discontinued by Microsoft later this year.

Now I know some of you may say, ” well so what?” but it does seem rather churlish of Microsoft to do this to the remaining WinMo users left out there rather than just let the platform fade away.

There is a thread discussing this on XDA developers, and they are not happy!

Basically WinMo owners will not have an official place to Browse ,Buy and download  Apps after July the 15th , leaving owners to rely on App developers for support directly.

The Cloud based ‘MyPhone’ service will close on the 7th of August and the Site closed down completely on the 6th of October. ¬†MyPhone is a backup facility that could automatically sync your data etc , A very simple service that is very useful and a potential lifesaver should you have a phone disaster!

Microsoft will move all users to Windows Live Skydrive, but users on XDA are saying it is not nearly as good as MyPhone.

Apologies if there is a few errors with this, it’s been a few years since I switched from WinMo 6.xx!

Source: XDA