Vodafone to offer the thinner Galaxy Tab after all.

Initially the UK was to miss out on the newer redesigned Galaxy Tab 10.1, with us for some reason getting supplied with the older, fatter original design.

Today Vodafone put up a coming soon page that suggests we are going to get the newer Tab after all- Hurrah!

Vodafone to offer the thinner Galaxy Tab after all.

This long awaited powerhouse of a tablet is sure to generate interest, running Honeycomb 3.0,  with a 1.2Ghz Processor coupled with Samsungs usually excellent screen it is set to sell well.

Just make sure it’s a sensible price please!

Source: Vodafone UK

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  • Ben

    It’s just a shame that the newer version seems to have downgraded the rear camera, I appreciate it’s not high on everybody’s wish list but still. I’ll still be getting one for my company if only as it seems to combine a tablet pc with a phone. Ultimate business tool? for now?

    • Alex

      “ultimate business tool” really?  I  don’t think it is much of a business tool at all! Tablets are generally for consuming media they are pretty useless for productivity! I like the tblet format but it is purely for pleasure useas far as I am concerned.

      • maybe you just arent using it properly then.

      • Ben

        Well, I appreciate your point of view. Certainly from the iPad onwards it’s been creative media oriented. I think (I will confirm this though) I’ll be able to work at a clients offices and then generate a pdf version of my excel based invoice, and email it to them straight from my hand. I could do this with my  Blackberry torch but the screen is too small. I can then envisage using a bluetooth virtual keyboard and seeing as the tab has phone functionality I can make calls using my bluetooth headset. I could produce all kinds of presentations for clients. Imagine the marketing possiblities of having an infrad red bluetooth keyboard on display. Nerds can be impressed too! All these thoughts are off the top of my head. I’m sure given enough time anything is possible.