iMessage Announced At WWDC

iMessage has just been announced at a very busy WWDC conference over in the States and iMessage is set to change how all iOS devices communicate including iPad and iPod Touch.

Consider this BBM for your iOS device!

iMessage Announced At WWDCiMessage Announced At WWDCiMessage Announced At WWDC

This now means anyone you know on an iPad or an iPod Touch can start sending and receiving messages over a WiFi connection or a 3G connection depending on your device and it’s connectivity options.

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  • Anonymous

    Yay, yet more walled gardens! Less interoperability! Lets all applaud…

    • Exactly nice feature but just like FaceTime it’s totally limited by the lack of multi-platform support. 

      • Guest

        Too right. And while they are building walls, RIM are knocking them down by opening BBM to other platforms (well, a little).

  • All apple are doing is trying to win over the BBM crowd. I like all this feature especially the fact its across all of iOS, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

    I don’t know anyone with an Android Device to be honest, most people I know have iPhones so this feature is going to be a pretty useful one for me.

    Being on O2 they recently had network problems and I had to use WhatsApp to text and communicate with a couple of people. This is going to solve all of that. Very handy feature.

    So far the updates are welcomed.

    • How did WhatsApp work with the network problems? 

      My friends are across Android, iOS and BB so I’m always using WhatsApp as it’s the best cross platform service IMHO.

      • Well my signal was disappearing and coming back and after checking the internet there were mast problems in my area.
        I had wifi so using WhatsApp i could send messages. I agree WhatsApp is def the best cross platform service. It does the job, is very inexpensive (I paid for it but I understand it was and maybe free still) it was worth every penny!

      • Ohm

        Don’t you think Microsoft failed miserably here? They had millions of people hooked up to their MSN messenger (now Windows Live Messenger), it’s even better than whatsapp in terms of interoperability because not only Andriod, BB and iOS users have it, PC and Mac users are also on it!…yet..everyone seems to be on Whatsapp nowadays :P

        • Anonymous

          thats because they never built decent apps for phones.

  • I have mixed feelings about this. 

    I have used Facetime and applaud it’s ease of use, and more than half the people I know have a compatible iDevice, so that’s ok. But I use an Android phone primarily, so want something cross platform – which is fine, as Skype fits that bill perfectly. There’s a problem though – although I have tried & tried to get my Android friends & family to remember to use Skype, they don’t. Whereas with Facetime or iMessage it will just work – no mucking around or phone them to turn it on (which defeats the purpose). It’s clichéd to say it will succeed because “it just works”, but I think that’s why it will do well. 

    • And I got all excited reading about WhatsApp, till I discovered it doesn’t work with iPads – big flaw. 

      Although I’d have the same issue – I’d never get everyone to install the damn thing…

  • Haydies

    Ok, I noticed some iPhone people commenting that it ‘just worked’. Well, MSN also ‘just worked’ on windows mobile 6.5, MSN also just worked on my HTC Desire, it came preloaded by orange, though I used an App for it, you have heard of them right? Isn’t it apple that say ‘There is an app for that’?

    Oh, and lets not forget that android comes with gTalk preloaded….

    I guess though that apple have just invented the IM, and your perfectly right it can’t possibly have been around for years and years on every other platform…. I think BBM ‘just works’ as well though as I don’t have a blackberry I can’t comment on that.