New T-Mobile PAYG Plans

T-Mobile UK have launched three new price plans on PAYG to suit different types of customer depending how you use your phone.  For the text mad you can get Unlimited Texts, for anyone who loves to chat you can get some free minutes and for anyone who has family or friends abroad you can get some free calls to them if you want.
New T Mobile PAYG Plans
The deals are as follows:
  • Topup £10 on the Text deal and get Unlimited Texts free the following month and 100 texts to use straight away.
  • Topup £10 on the Talk deal and you get 100 Mins free next month and 25 Mins to use straight away
  • Topup £10 on the International deal and get 60 Mins free International calls.

To pair with these are some great prices on PAYG internet use on your phone (not allowed for tethering though) and these are

  • £1.00 for a day  (use the web as normal)
  • £2.50 for 5 days (text WEB to 441)
  • £5.00 for a month (text MONTH WEB to 441)
  • £20.00 for 6 month (text 6MONTHWEB to 441)

To swap between the deals just text either TEXT, TALK or INT MONTH to 146 or make a free phone call to 146 and change over the phone anytime you like.

Link: T-Mobile Pay As You Go