Orange Quick Tap is here

In February we had a great chat with Anne Bouverot from Orange. She’s the head of mobile services and was keen to tell us about the new contactless payment technology that was being rolled out with Barclaycard. The system has now gone fully live with a dedicated site and details on how everything works. With new microSD cards carrying NFC technology coming soon we’re hoping that the range of compatible devices will increase. At the moment it looks like the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap is the only device you can use.

The new technology, which we covered in this earlier item, lets you pay for items in a range of stores by merely waving or tapping the phone on the terminal. There’s various bits of protection during the transaction and there’s a limit on the amount you can pay. That, for example, would protect you if your phone was stolen – a thief wouldn’t be able to buy a car or a big TV with the system, plus you’ve got the usual credit card-style protection against fraudulent transactions.

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