Asus PadFone – A Tablet and Smartphone make sweet love

Asus PadFone   A Tablet and Smartphone make sweet love
It’s got some weird sort of glove box-style mechanism to swallow-up the phone and, around the other side, it’s a full Android tablet. The Android march continues and there’s more cross-over devices appearing month by month. This will be known as the Asus PadFone and, when you want your mobile to become a tablet, you slot it in the back.

Not much else is known about this device. Would a device like this tickle your fancy ?

Link – Asus PadFone

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  • Want….want and want……

  • this blog good…thanks inforamations

  • More here now including vids…. I’m assuming this may be just round the corner….

  • Joleen

    good to see variations on this theme. cant work out how the manufacturing costs stack up against building the individual items? is it cheaper to build a pad or a phone? or is it the proccesor that smacks it as is the case with PCs.

  • I suspect that the padfone is more a case of being cheaper to buy than individual devices – with the added benefit that you are just basically giving your phone a bigger screen some times (or conversely if you use the tablet most, occasionally you’re making your tablet significantly more portable).  All the same apps, configuration etc – it’s just the device the changes.  Rather than spend £500 on a good phone and then £500 on a good tablet, presumably this gets you the pair for some price between the two – so if you are someone who wants both then this will make a lot of sense.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this is received by the market when it comes out.