Xperia PLAY now on O2

Xperia PLAY now on O2Looking for the Xperia PLAY ? Want it in white ? Want to use O2 ? Well, I’ve got good news for you. O2 have the handset up for free on plans over £37 per month and for £299.99 up-front on the £16.50 per month plans. If you want to buy it out-right it’s £429.99 on Pay & Go.

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Credit – Moominking

Mobile broadband speeds - O2 come out top
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  • Anonymous

    I really hope SE don’t give up on this idea.  Using an IControlPad has made me more convinced than ever that handheld gaming in the future is on phones.  I would love a device like this but it’s so disappointing.
    I think the fact that my sister got a Desire Z yesterday (admittedly in a sale) for £200 the price of this is just absurd.  Not to mention how O2 had the GS2 for £399 on release!

    Damn my spec chasing ways.  I bet I would get a lot of enjoyment out of this phone :(
    Please don’t give up SE.  Make the next one a true high-end phone or at least price it accordingly if it falls short.

  • <3 Xperia.

  • Anonymous

    Just bought one for £270 from ebay haha.  For that price I will give it a break, especially as I will get over £100 for my nexus one :) 

    Roll on version 2