Twitter adds email notifications for @ replies

In a rather strange move,Twitter has added email notifications for @ replies. You may have noticed this by the amount of emails suddenly appearing in your inbox!

This does seem strange as you surely know when someone has mentioned you by simply looking at and reading your timeline… or in most instances your phone will have told you with a notification.

I guess it works for users with not many followers, I don’t consider myself to be blessed with a huge amount of followers (About 330) but some days I can get dozens of @ replies, getting emailed every time is not a welcome prospect!

But don’t despair, it’s easily sorted out.

Go to the main twitter page on your pc, go to Profile, Edit your profile and then ‘notifications’. Scroll down and there is a section ‘activity’ just untick the box and bingo, no more annoying emails.

If it’s not there, then twitter hasn’t enabled it for your account yet, it seems to be introducing it gradually, hang on in there, you’ll get it soon enough!

Oh, feel free to hit me up on twitter as well! @StuartMc1