HTC to do a U turn on locked bootloaders?

If you had read my post yesterday < Here > ( of course you did! why did I even ask….) you would know that HTC have recently changed their policy on locking bootloaders for their smartphones and basically doing their best to stop the devices being played with by Rom hackers and developers.

Well last night (UK) HTC tweeted that they are reviewing their policy with a link to their facebook page.

Pasted tweet below:

HTC to do a U turn on locked bootloaders?

Thanks for the feedback, we’re listening! We’re reviewing our bootloader policy. Stay tuned here for more updates.


Fingers crossed they realise the error of their ways and perform a most welcome U turn!

HTC twitter page

HTC Facebook page


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  • Chahk

    Didn’t Motorola give the same “we’re listening” brush-off about 6 months ago? And how many unlocked Moto handsets came out since then? In other words, don’t hold your breath waiting for an unlocked Sensation.

  • I think Cyanogen put it best: HTC should lock down their handsets with increased security, but provide a simple way to turn it off.