BBC release dedicated news app for Android

Today the BBC released their dedicate long awaited news app for Android.

There are plenty of third party news apps out there linking to the BBC, but Android fans have been missing out on the official app up until now -all you iphone owners can stop sniggering at the back..!


Link – BBC news
Credit – Matt Clarke

BBC release dedicated news app for Android


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  • Matt

    No credit for this? :-(
    I email Leigh at 3pm to let him know this.

    • Steve

      Matt, that’s disgusting. Shame on them!

    • Anonymous


      Will sort. This got posted by another author and they found it but you did
      indeed mail me about it first. Gimme 10 mins

      • Matt

        Thanks for the quick turn around, Leigh.

    • Stuart Mcgregor

      Hi Matt, Obviously I didn’t see the email, I’d seen the app mentioned all afternoon on my twitter feed and posted the story once I was back in the office.

  • Bugs

    A news app with no widget……….. Wtf?

    • Totally agree. Especially given the extra long wait that Android users have endured. I guess they don’t want to outshine the iOS version. 

  • HotPhil

    Bummer – not compatible with HTC Wildfire

  • Dan James

    my live tile version is sweeeeeeeet.