SPB Time for Android

SPB  have recently been porting their various apps from Windows Mobile and iOS over to Android. We have seen them release SPB Wallet, SPB Shell and SPB Wireless Monitor. Today they have released SPB Time. To quote SPB, “SPB Time is an adavanced, skinnable time toolbox for your phone. Analog and digital clock modes, world clock, stopwatch, countdown timers, moon calendar and advanced alarms.”

Here are a few screenshots that show you the basic elements of the app.

There are several different parts to the app. The alarm clock, homescreen widgets, a world clock, a variety of skins you can apply to the program, a stopwatch and countdown timer and a moon calendar. Most of these are self explanatory, but a few are worthy of a mention.

Firstly the alarm clock, it will set off an alarm at a set time as you would expect. But there are also two other modes for the alarm clock, a Bio Alarm and a Paranoid Alarm. The Bio Alarm is a gentle way to wake you up, in this mode you will get a friendly alarm, lights and ticks before the actual alarm time to get you in the mood for getting up. The Paranoid Alarm is for the kind of person who can’t get up to a regular alarm, in this mode the alarm will not stop until you solve a puzzle or smash your phone against the wall (not recommended!).

The next note worthy part is the skins. The skins cover the main clock page and the analog widget. Once you have downloaded a few you can scroll through the different clocks you have installed.

The last thing worth a mention is the clock widgets. Nothing ground breaking really but it has them. You get a analog or digital clock displaying either local time or another city. You also get a next alarm widget and a moon phase widget.

Overall I think this is a good app. Although if you have a phone with HTC Sense on it then most of what this app does you phone will already do. The stock Android clock however only has basic alarms and nothing else really. This would make a good addition to a basic Android installation. The price is £0.99 on my phone and £1.23 on the website (which is strange), this is a promotional price for the first two weeks. It is available on the Android Market now.

Android Market Link