Android App, Bully Block – In Depth

So I have been playing with this application for a week know and I have been quite happy with it’s performance. There are a few things that could be improved and I’d like to reach out to the developers and offer my help as a tester because I see real promise with something like this. Watch the full video below.

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  • Sedgrid

    Here is how the bully capture works.
    1. Hit the record the button and phone goes into stealth mode
    2. The Phone is recording
    3. Go back into application and hit record button to stop recording.
    4. Audio is saved to phone’s SD card to prevent storage issue.
    5. Audio saved as MP3 and can be emailed.

    Bully Block 

    • Tom Ranson

      I assumed that that was how it worked, however all the files it created were MP4 and corrupt. They refused to play in any media player on my PC. 

  • Sedgrid

    Were you able to play the audio on the phone after retrieving them from the SD card? I will check on the MP3 format.