HTC Sensation hits Vodafone UK

HTC Sensation hits Vodafone UK

It’s official, the HTC Sensation has hit Vodafone UK. You can pick up the phone for free with a 24-month, £30 per month contract. If you want to pay less than £30, you’ll be paying around £100 for the phone depending on the contract you choose. If you’ve pre-ordered the device, then it should be shipping to you from today.

The Sensation features a 1.2 Ghz dual-core CPU, running HTC Sense 3.0 (the very latest version) on top of Android 2.3 Gingerbread on a beautiful 960 x 540 display.

Our very own Dan has just got his Sensation as you can see in the picture.

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  • Steve

    Mine has just been despatched :) 

  • Jaysay492

    Will this be better than the desire HD though?? Looks gorgeous BTW :-)

  • Skerlbox

    Although I prefer HTC’s android phone than other company’s products, but I hate snapdragon…

    • Secano

       Why do you hate snapdragon?

  • Nik

     Does anyone by and chance know on what date will this phone be available on O2? My upgrade is due in June. 

    • Anonymous

      No word yet.

      • Moo Moo Head

         They have a one month exclusive, so from which ever day they starting shipping them.
        CPW are pretty good judge of these things and they have coming soon  ‘July’.

    • Anonymous

      No word yet.

  •  this is dual core. how can you hate that?
    Also, quidco are giving £100 cash back (this actually works) for new vodafone contracts, so dont end up paying over the odds.

    I’d really like to see comparisons in size to both Desire and SGS2.  And battery life informaton – dont think this is OLED so probably not good.