Microsoft to buy the entire Nokia mobile division ?

Microsoft to buy the entire Nokia mobile division ?Rumours. They’re everywhere in the mobile industry. But, when Eldar Murtazin is posting them, they’re worth a read. Eldar is well connected and is the man behind Mobile Review. Last year he correctly predicted that Nokia would be taking on Windows Phone as an OS and an entire line of devices would appear. Just before Mobile World Congress we all found out how true that was, with Microsoft apparently handing over more than $1 billion to “promote and develop Windows-based handsets” from Nokia.

These new rumours state that Microsoft are now preparing to buy the entire mobile devision of Nokia. Yes, the whole shooting match. That includes dumb phones and smartphones alike – all for $30 billion.

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  • I just can’t see it happening. WP7 was in the realm of possibility (and of course happened), but Microsoft just don’t do hardware. They make the odd keyboard, but nothing of scale.Plus the valuation doesn’t seem to tie up either – really don’t think this will happen. 

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    • Steve

      Two Xboxes.. 

  • Pyranwolf

    Microsoft and phone hardware? Seems remarkably akin to something we’ve seen before.