Acer Iconia A500 and Asus Transformer to get Android 3.1

Acer Iconia A500 and Asus Transformer to get Android 3.1With Acer knocking out the TV adverts there’s good news for new and existing owners – Android 3.1 will be coming to the Iconia A500 device as soon as next month.

Acer have got some pretty big ad-spots on TV right now, and it’s becoming a bit of a battle as more tablets appear on screen.

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Meanwhile, Asus have also confirmed that their 10.1″ device will be getting a similar update next month. The new Android 3.1 OS adds resizeable widgets, support for USB peripherals and more speed.

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  • Anonymous

     Any word if the Asus Eeepad Slider will have Android 3.1 at launch?

  • Andy

    what a rubbish ad! why would i get one over an ipad 2?

    • Martin

      Because it is not an iPad 2 that is why. Because you don’t have to have iTunes could be another reason too. 

      • Andy

        you’ve mised my point i could think of a dozen reasons… but none are evident to your average consumer from that ad!

        • Martin

          Ah I see. Your average Ipad buyer would not even consider anything but Apple anyways :(

          Good point well made :)

        • apple=barf

          Well, you obviously don’t have much knowledge about tablets if you still have an ipad 2. It’s a reason why so many people are throwing the ipad(2) in the garbage and happily buying an android based tab. Before you say anything downgrading about android devices, open your eyes a little. The new tabs are more powerful then the crappy patented apple hardware, and theres a tonn of reasons to get rid of the old dog and get a wonderful new one!

          Android 4 life! Cant wait to upgrade.. wile you are stuck using the same ios only getting some tiny modifications once a year, while calling it a new operating system.. lol