Samsung Galaxy S II Video Review

Tomorrow we’ll have our full Samsung Galaxy S II review online. I’ve had a few emails about this device over this last week so I thought I’d give you a look at the videos we’re including in the main review tomorrow. This will give you a good look at the handset including the Kies air app, text entry, Samsung hubs, video editing, voice commands and much more. Go on, dive in and take a look. Everything is in HD so feel free to switch up the YouTube resolution.

If you like what you see, get one from Clove unlocked for £528.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Review
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  • Aran

    When using swype you don’t need to lift your finger off the keyboard and press the space bar – you can just start on the next word and it automatically knows (because you have lifted your finger off the screen) you are starting a new word so it inserts a space for you.

    More on topic; damn that looks like one mighty fine phone you got there!

  • tebs

    I agree with Aran,I love how the swype keyboard works, once you get used to it you will never change back.

    The voice recognition is also quite accurate, even with a Yorkshire accent like my own :)

    I cannot fault the Galaxy S 2.

  • Damiencal

     why are all reviews done in your car? are people not worried about the bloke shooting videos in the car park?We could start a campaign to get you access to the lobby of the building in the background and who knows maybe even a desk.

    • Anonymous

      :) It’s mainly due to time constraints to be honest. We get to borrow the
      phones for a week or two only, so I take any opportunity to add a video. :)

    • Justme

       I quite like the reviews in the car… alright so maybe the crotch shots are whats doing it for me, i dont but i enjoy something about them a little too much