Next major release of Windows Phone 7 coming on May 24th

Next major release of Windows Phone 7 coming on May 24th

Microsoft has announced that the latest version of Windows Phone 7 will be released in a ‘VIP Preview’ event on May 24th, in NYC. We reported some of the cool new features that this next version of Windows Phone will have, including Bing voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.

The release has been dubbed ‘Mango’, ¬†and should also feature enhancements to Internet Explorer, and some new apps such as the popular Angry Birds and even Skype. While none of this has been confirmed by Microsoft just yet, we only have to wait a few weeks until we find out what’s made it into the release.

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  • me

    too little, too late, too c**p an OS

  • Never had any problems with WM7. I’m looking forward to the update even more so if it has Skype. What people have to remember is making and changing software takes a long time. Some people will be saying no it doesn’t… maybe for some people it doesn’t, BUT if you want to get software almost bug free it does. And I have to tell you I’ve have had my Mozart for 6+ months and you know how many times I’ve had to reset it by turning it on and back on? twice.
    Do you know how many times I have had to reset my work phone (Nokia 6303) four or five times.
    I’m looking forward to this update.

  • Rooster

    Thanks for the information piece Coolsmartphone.


    John Lister – I also have had few problems with WM7 – the main one being an inability to pair with the Pioneer Bluetooth Unit with my car entertainment system – that said my iphone 4 was rubbish at that also! Looking forward to the update.

    @me – What a useful post – not!