Microsoft market share continues to slide, despite Windows Phone 7

Microsoft market share continues to slide, despite Windows Phone 7Although Microsoft are making some pretty admirable advances, the numbers coming out of the US are still a little worrying. The new handsets landed in November last year but the percentage share of the market is still down from 8.4% in December 2010 to 7.5% in March this year.

Meanwhile, Apple seems to have plateaued and Android continues to beat everyone around the head with a 6% surge in market share 34.7% in March from 28.7% in December last year.

Link – comScore

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  • Anonymous

    …and the surprising nature of this information is….?

  • Dan Jame

    It will continue to slide until Nokia start releasing devices.

    I think the majority of people have no idea what the difference is between Windows Phone and Android. They will see 2 very similar devices with the Android version being cheaper and go for that.

    • Steve

      They generally see something they can use an MicroSD card with, custom ringtones, Skype, far less restrictions and go with that.. oh and the nice Swype input method. Microsoft have a long way to go.

  • Gadgetebz

    I think once WP7 is closer to Android on Features, APPS and Hardware probably by 2012 then WP7 marketshare will grow rapidly. All platforms will have some unique features to set them apart but currently WP7 does not compete on the CORE features and thats where they are losing at the moment.

  • Ntomyng

    The driving force behind the dismal WP7 market share is that Microsoft has steadfastly refused to let users synchronize with Outlook. Every otehr phone on the market: Iphones, Blackberries, Android phones, Symbian phones, and old Windows Mobile phones, can all synchronize with Microsoft Outlook. The only one that CAN’T is Windows Phone 7. Until Micosoft changes that I won’t buy one and I know a lot of other people that won’t either.